Last week I was training with my new team Tri2One and the week’s training volume was designed for a leading race on Sunday, the Key Biscayne Trilogy #1. This is a series of Sprint and International distance races and is called “Trilogy” because there are 3 races in total plus a 4th race called “bonus race”. Supposedly I was starting the tri season with race #2 of the series, but in the few weeks that I have been training with my new team, they have been so empowering and encouraged me to do this race with many of them. Having said that,  I decided to do a last minute sign up for the 1st race of the series, and officially opening my season one month before the scheduled season opener.

Although I have been trying to follow a good diet and even more before any race, I had to bump any diet because of a busy day at work on Friday which led to some pizza delivery lunch at the office followed by a wedding later on the evening (I didn’t have to disappoint my loyal fans since I’m always the heart of parties ;) , without mentioning the great food and drinks… all FREE LOL) that finished at 2am.  Saturday started with a late leftover pizza breakfast and later beach BBQ with friends (I got to skip alcohol on this one). So this “Ironman” challenger didn’t nutritionally behave before a race… but you know… what the heck! I’m human after all.

Last year I officially became a triathlete by doing this Sprint race, so I was expecting to do a little better on this one. The course was totally different from last year’s race. The venue changed completely; before the swim was on the beach with a quite long run from the beach to the transition area, now the swim was in a calm water bay entrance with no waves and the run to the transition was very short. The bike course used to be able to build some speed before climbing Miami’s only mountain, the bridge, but now the course welcomed the triathletes with an immediately bridge climb. An open park run next to the beach was the course for the run last year, now the run was composed of a mainly bumpy but shaded trail run next to the bay.

Swim out

Rainy clouds on race day and no sun to be seen. I have to admit that I haven’t been swimming for a while so I was not expecting much of the swim. I bump with a lot of people in the start and just after the first buoy I could get something going. For once I lost some pacing in the water while trying to look where to go, definitely no swimming for a while totally made it’s appearance and transformed itself into struggle.

On the bike I wanted to see how my new bike fitting would improve my performance and speed. The two bridges at the beginning totally caught on me since my heart rate was still up from T1 to bike, and after the second bridge my legs were burning already, so I was trying to calm down a bit but without loosing much speed. My objective was in a certain way to go all out on the bike and run since is a much shorter race.

Close to the finish, 2 thumbs up!

On to T2 and off to the run. Team Hammerheads were out of the transition area with water and keeping the spirits high (it was great hearing people cheering my name for once! Thanks Ray!). The big surprise in the run was that it was mostly a trail run,  and I’m kind of afraid of running on trails since they are full of bumps and my ankles easily twist on bumpy rides (I’m a supinator/underpronator). Shortly after T2 it happened what I expected on the trail, I twisted my left ankle, but I was lucky enough to continue the run. As said before, I wanted to push myself, so I tried to keep up a good pace until the half way point. Afterwards I tried to increase the pace little by little, and when I started to see my coach Marcelo cheering I went all out for the sprint.


The Numbers:

Total Time: 01:08:50.21

Swim Time: 9:42

T1 Time: 1:10

Bike Time: 30:6

T2 Time: 1:17

Run Time: 26:35

A dogtag medal? Quite original! 

I was happy with the result, I cut 8 mins from last year (click here to see my first race results and the day I became a triathlete!), although the swim my was slower this time. My ankle hurt a little bit, but the good news was that it wasn’t inflamed. Later I met with my coach and my Tri2One’s teammates and talked about the race and how did it go. I was impressed that most of them end up in the podium (this means I have to work harder! Even more!). Key Biscayne Trilogy #2 will be in one month, I will have the opportunity to PR once again and become more like my super teammates :)

 Some of my Tri2One's awesome super pro teammates!

Remember my twisted ankle on Sunday?. On Wednesday, I went to the track for some speed work. After going all well and finishing the last lap, I sprained my left ankle again! WHAT THE HELL! Just 3 days after the race! This time it really got swollen and I applied RICE to it (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation). I took the rest of the week off training (making me very sad :( ). As of Saturday, the day I’m writing this post, it has gotten much better and is not swollen. Probably I can start training back on Monday. Please I really hope so!