On Tuesdays, I'm supposed to do my bike training followed by a short 10 min easy run. I decided to do this short easy run in the treadmill at my building's small gym. Since it will be a hassle to go up to my apartment to leave the bike, get my running shoes and come down again to the small gym, I decided to go barefoot. (yeah, I know... I'm crazy ;))

There is this trend that says that running barefoot or minimal barefoot should be the correct way to run, since we humans didn't have any shoes at the beginning of time (Imagine a pre historical you trying to escape from a sabertooth tiger, but first you had to grab your Nike's and then run from it - LOL). This has provoked several companies to make some minimal shoes with less cushioning, foams, etc and stick the shoe minimally to mimic a second skin. Additionally it is said that running naturally will make you stay injury free for life. You can check this link to learn a little bit more about barefoot running.

I cannot opinion about something I haven't tried, so as you can see I finally gave it a try. People at the gym look at me with weird eyes (LOVE IT!),  but the feeling of running barefoot was not that bad. I think running sock less for a while now has helped my feet not to get destroyed in my first trial runs and in a certain way that has helped. I really cannot see myself running in the Miami's burning asphalt of the streets, or just imagine sticking a nail or a glass on you foot out there! I think barefoot running for short intervals of less than 15 min and in an adequate safe environment should be fine. If you wanna try it, try to run sock less for a little bit on your shoes or maybe walk/jog in the treadmill to get a feeling. Afterall we don't wanna have any puny blisters, do we?

So, have you tried "Natural Running"? Share your thoughts!