Last 2 weeks I spent it doing some weight training that has helped a lot in strengthening my lower body having a special focus on my knee. I admit that sometimes the knee starts acting up but little by little is being less and less.

Usually I’m a person that eats… a lot. Many endurance athletes have this excuse to eat anything and everything. I was one of those. Imagine this: If you put cheap fuel to your car, your car will not perform as well. But if you put the best fuel to your car, your car will be performing with all cilinders kicking at maximum. I have come to realize that the body is the same. In order to perform at your best you have to get premium fuel. I think that the misguidance of foods elements on my diet led to my injury that probably could have been prevented. In these last 2 weeks I have been preparing an extensive the nutrition plan that will focus on anti-inflammation & recovery. Since these items are in a certain way an absolute change to my normal “diet” I have had taken advantages in these 2 past weeks to eat the foods that I’ll probably miss the most in 9 months. Items such as pizza, burgers, rice, etc…


I'll miss the 5 dudesYou guys don't have any idea of how much I love Chipotle!

After all I’m a normal person, not an elite athlete or Olympian. I’m taking these fave foods as rewards towards the end of my training. Anyone will be welcome to have a pizza with me at the end of my training!

Now, I have officially started the 36 week training program leading to Ironman Florida on November 5, 2011. Although this first week had some up and downs (because I had several appointments with the dentist with some drilling involved :( ), I have had done some interesting stuff. First of all is that I’m training with lactate threshold heart rates and aerobic threshold. Lactate threshold (LT) is the rate in which the blood lactate starts accumulating in the muscle, your heart starts pumping like crazy and your legs are burning. Aerobic threshold is the pace at which fat utilization for fuel reaches the maximum. So using these two will help me track my training and progress in the 36 weeks ahead. Second, I'm starting to eat better, foods that I never had before like quinoa, rice and almond milk, veggies (I admit that I'm not a veggies lover... I like my meat!), so it's have been quite a weird week, at least until I get use to this!

Thirty-five more weeks to go!