After 36 weeks, more than 2567 miles and 273:25 hours log in training, race week is here. The main purpose of becoming a triathlete last year was to do an Ironman. On Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 8:54PM, I started this blog with this sole purpose. Narrating the 1 year and a half that has taken me since the day I purchased my bike, or started to swim again, completing my first triathlon, my first Olympic distance, my first Half-Iron, passing by injuries, therapies, blood, sweat, tears... just for that single day on Saturday.

2011 Ironman Florida is this Saturday, Nov. 5 at 7 am. My goals for this race are:

  1. FINISHING Ironman. I don't care if is running, walking, crawling, rolling and in 17 hours.
  2. FINISHING Ironman in my estimated finish time. I'm calculating a sub 14 hour race, taking in consideration maybe a 1:30 hour swim, 7 hour bike ride and a 5 hour marathon.
  3. FINISHING Ironman in a sub 13 hour. In my prime state with all my powers at 100%, I know I can pull this off. I certainly have the fitness, but unfortunately I don't have the necessary power and I am still worried about with my knee.
  4. FINISHING Ironman without injury. I don't want to spend another 4 months activeless and with a nagging injury. If I have to take it slow, I will.
  5. FINISHING Ironman with a spectacular photo finish!
  6. FINISHING Ironman and brag for the rest of my life :)

For all my lovely stalkers, you can follow me on race day at, and on athlete tracker you put bib #925 or last name Navarro. People are already bidding if I make it or not LOL.

I'm off now to Panama City Beach, wish me luck and I'm godspeeding to myself.