Last week was the start of the taper. With my knee still hurting I was desperate to find ways to ease the pain.

On Tuesday I tried to recheck my bike fit. The fitter told me that the bike was practically done with the fitting, he just tweak a little the seat but that's about it. He checked my pedaling and said that I was pushing too much and not pulling at all, (the purpose of having clipless is to do a complete movement with pushing and pulling the pedal) so he recommended to check my pedalling. I change my shoe clips and left the bike for service. With basically no resolving my problem, I decided on Thursday to get my first massage. The nice girl discovered what was going on on my legs and basically my quads were hard as rocks. This massage was more to solve a problem than to relax, but it helped a lot. Even I was starting to feel a tight calf but the massage solved my problem.

Last brick on Saturday, the knee handle it better on the bike but I still could feel something bothering me. I guess this will definitely be the test of mind over matter that I will be taking with me to Ironman. The same Saturday I went to see one of my fave's bands Guns N Roses, but Fat Axl started playing at 12am until 3 am, so with an hour of sleep at 6am I was already on the race site to cheer my teammates on Ironman Miami 70.3.

What a day was Sunday, terrible racing conditions... rain, wind, you name it. I was happy that my Tri 2 One teammates pull that one off really well and most of them receive additional kudos becuase they were doing their first half-iron distance. I grab some pictures of the pros racing for your viewing pleasure.

Matt Reed. He finish 3rd.Defending Champion and 3rd place in IM World Championships, Leanda Cave.Sebastian Kienle rushing to the finish line.and winning the Ironman Miami 70.3!

Second place, Michael Raelert

Leanda Cave, defending her title and becoming 2x Ironman Miami 70.3 ChampionLeanda's post race interviewSecond place, Magali Tisseyre

As you might expect, as I'm writing this I'm already in RACE WEEK. Tomorrow Wednesday I'll be parting to Panama City Beach, and this Saturday November 5th is Ironman Florida!!! Just 5 days!!!!