Final weeks started.

We received a big brick on Saturday involving the first of the 4 "Apocalyptic" bricks: a 80 miles bike + 10 miles run. That day was a tough one. Practiced nutrition: e-caps every 15min, gel every hour, water/perpetuem sips every 15 min. Two stops, one for restroom stop and one to simulate 'special needs', where I reloaded aero bottle with water and grab a banana to eat on mile 70. VERY windy ride, but good thing that the weather was cool on the morning. For the run I went out with 2 bottles of water in fuel belt (sips every 15 min), one gel (one gel/hour), and e-caps (every 15 min, but only had like 4 of them). Second stop at restroom... maybe I was drinking to much water? Supposedly needed to do the run a Z3, but most of it was done at Z1-Z2 and walked sometimes in the last 2 miles.

Plus it's official, Ironman Florida is 30 days away!!!