Last week was not a good week. After doing the biggest bricks of Ironman training and dying on Sunday, the whole week was most of a recovery week.

Skipped Monday's pool, Tuesday and Wednesday's bike. Track day on Wednesday I felt like I couldn't start up my engine. With a hurt knee, I preferred to take lots of recovery. The whole week I felt like if my soul has been drained. Just on Friday I felt like myself again.

The knee definitely hurts just while on the bike. Last brick on Saturday prove me correct, where I could endure maybe 40 miles, afterwards is just pain in every pedal stroke. I kinda managed to find a way to deal with pain, but then again... that is not good. The pain on my left knee is in the medial part of it and is involves the quad. I talked to some of my teammates (they're doctors! whohooo!) so they recommend various things. One of them is to check my bike fit, and I'll try that this week.

The strange thing of Saturday's brick is that (apart from the bad knee) I didn't feel tired or sore after a 95 miles bike ride and 3 mile run... crazy! Now, the good thing of Saturday is that later at night we had a Game Night in celebration of the season ending. Half of the team are doing Ironman Miami 70.3 this Sunday, 2 of us Ironman Florida in next week, most of the other half are doing MiamiMan 70.3/International in 3 weeks and one is doing Ironman Cozumel in 4 weeks, so everyone's so excited for their big races and we had to celebrate! Lots of fun and laughter (lots of food too!!!, people got scared of the amount of food I can eat LOL), the little distraction we needed from all the crazy training.

Fun night with teamies!Sunday was my last long run. Fearing of the knee, I burrito wrapped it and went for the run. Felt good, just the "normal" soreness while doing higher miles, and the knee minimally bothered. After the run I noticed a lot of salt on arms and legs, it seems I need to hike up the electrolytes/salt on the run.

Long workouts are finally over, this week I finally start tapering, and hopefully that will help with the knee recovery. 12 days left for race day!!!