This week was a fun week, for starters on Monday was my coach bday. Monday is pool day so with the gang we decided to do a surprise party for him at 5:45am (I have never been to a bday party so early!) We had cake, floaties, throw him to the pool etc, everything except working out haha.

5:45am bday with Tri2One team!Who said training is not fun!

Tuesday I skipped my workout too since lack of sleep on the previous days, plus I made a custom bday card for my coach that took me an all nighter on Sunday to Monday.

2011 Race for the Cure: Pre race and me after 16 milesBloody Blisters for the Cure. Result of the 19 miler

On the weekend I decided to switch my workouts, long run on Saturday and Epic Brick on Sunday. The reasoning behind this was that on Saturday was the Race for the Cure and I was Team Captain for my office team. I decided to run 15 miles before the race, and complete my long run with the additional 3 miler of the actual race. Needless to say I actually did more than expected and ended up doing 19.7 mile run.

Weather Forecast for Epic Storm Brick.

On Sunday I died. The brick was composed of 4 parts that involved 110 miles bike ride and 40 min run. But I died not becuase of the workout, but becuase of the weather. The conditions were not the most appropiate on Sunday having a little storm involving 29mph winds with 35mph wind gusts and rain. The brick took me almost 9 hours to complete and almost DNF the workout. My bad knee act up on the bike and currently I'm in rest mode with ice to see how develops... with 18 days to IM FL it would be a disaster if I wouldn't even get to the race in the first place. Now hoping for the best :)