Last year Escape to Miami was my very first Olympic distance race (review here!). This year I decided to repeat the race to see how much I have improved from last year, plus the really convenient venue of the race (literally in front of where I live), and the challenge of it.

Escape to Miami is considered one of the toughest triathlons in Miami. Considering that the course it is not flat as many will think. For starters you have to swim from the so called “Escape Island” crossing chopping waters from the bay, jump onto the bike and ride a course that has 8 bridges to climb, return back and run a 10k with one bridge at the beginning and one at the end.

The day before the race I went to package pickup and bike drop, afterwards I relaxed a little in the beach and had a BBQ (nutritiously speaking not the best thing, but I owed them a get together :) ) with my friends. For some reason I had a headache the whole day, maybe too much sun?

Race morning: Got to transition to prepare the goodies for the day. In order to get to “Escape Island”, we had to take a ferry to the island. Like around 6:15am we got to the Island and met with my fellow teammates.  I wasn’t expecting much of the race, for some reason I was kind of off, but at the same time I wanted to give it all and see how well could I do with the results of Ironman training. Plus this would be the last race I would do with my teammates before Ironman FL, I think this was my primary motivation to do this race.

ANYWAYS… 7am and race started… cloudy skies which helped a lot with heat management. Mass start for pros and all males, a lot of kicking and punching in the very first minutes until passing the first buoy (I have to remember being even more patient for Ironman FL, which is a bigger massive mass start). I didn’t feel the water as choppy as last year, which was good. Off the water and heard many of my teammates shouting at me, hard to focus of who they were, but it always helps and pumps you up! Thanks guys!


Try to guess where I'm at.

In the windy Julia Tuttle CausewayT1 done and off to the ride. Keep revs up for first minutes and switch to higher speed. Trying to control my heart rate, and kept in mind the upcoming bridges in the Julia Tuttle Causeway. Course was a bit windy, so that wouldn’t help much in the elevations, but I think managed better with my new learned skills for climbing bridges (I managed to pass a lot of people like that). My heart rate felt really high until after my second bridge, afterwards I got more control of my HR and legs. Nutrition on the bike was water in aero bottle and 2 gels, one a the start and one a the end.

Trying to put my visor off of T2 (Thanks Liz for the photo!)

Once again the cheering when off the bike. Awesome! Quickly into T2 and off to the run. Felt good during the run with a steady pace. I really suck at elevations so pace slowed down when I hit my first bridge, but managed to pick the pace afterwards. I think I could have run faster, but I think I lost to much energy on the bike. Still, remembering my last year, this run would be worth of Olympic record (in my mind of course!). Saw my friend Jenny almost at the end (special mention since she was the first non-athlete friend or non-family seeing one of my races) cheering and went for the sprint when I met another age grouper of my category in the last yards of the run.

My coach is gonna kill me since I'm always open to much my arms and mess up my form. That's what I call TURBO!Sprinting with the other age grouper to the finish! 

The Numbers:

Total Time: 2:42:20

Swim Time: 33:10

T1 Time: 01:52

Bike Time: 1:12:21

T2 Time: 0:49

Run Time: 54:11

 Post race with fellow teammates, Francisca, Mickey, Ali and Gabe

So certainly I have gotten way better since last year, by dropping the time in the same race and course by 38 minutes! I guess all this Iron training and early mornings are giving results!

Now to concentrate for the goal that I put in mind when I started this blog a year and a half ago: