Another rough week and increasing millage and time. Finally broke the 160 miles mark per week. The brick on Saturday probably was the hardest thing I have ever done, not becuase of the workout, but becuase of the weather conditions we had.

We had a terrible storm on Saturday, which started around mile 45 and from then on it was hell. Wind takes too much of my energy and it takes me to long to get to my race pace or Z3, or even keep it. I just hope IM FL is not that windy... That day was so epic that I wrote this to my teammates:

Legend foretold of a day where 3 brave warriors from the Iron Clan would fight the Lord of the Wind and the Mistress of Water. The ferocious struggle would last 6 hours, but at the end, these 3 Iron Musketeers, would stand tall and tell their legendary story to generations to come... in a day which would be known as the Epic Brick.

That day was horrible. Two more epic weeks to start taper.