First of all I want to wish you all happy 2011 and hopefully you started with great dreams and aspirations!

I know I have not been around much but finally I have been able to give you guys a deserved update. As you may know I had problems on my knee. I have been in physical therapy for 6 weeks, which basically involved a lot of stretching, balancing and electro shocks (which I got addicted too!). The last week I was able to run in the treadmill for around 30 min and afterwards the therapist said I was good to go.

I’m restarting physical activities little by little. Unfortunately after a few runs I have noticed that my endurance and cardio are low and my pace have never been this slow.  I feel that my knee is around 80% of its capacity, so I started to do some weight training on my legs (ohhhh! the soreness!) and eventually all the body.

After some research I have found a training program for Ironman Florida (Thanks Larry and David for the tips!). Officially my training will start the last week of February and this program is awesome since it includes in detail a great diet plan.

I’m excited to start my greatest ultimate challenge.