Last weekend I was doing my usual bike ride. This time I decided to go from home in Midtown Miami to "Athlete's Paradise" Key Biscyane. Unfortunately while I was around midsection of my workout I got a flat tire. The funny thing was that it was my second one in a row, since I had a flat tire the day before in the same wheel. This meant that I had already used my spare and I had to literally walk home all the way. Sadness invaded me and I even made a desperate post in Facebook with my location (I knew no one will answer since it was Sunday morning after all, LOL). After walking around 5 minutes a lone cyclist stopped to see what was happening. I explained my situation and he decided me to help me and actually teach me how to change my bike tire! HOORAY for the Good Samaritan!!! I was saved! The day before it took me like an hour to change the tire, but the good samaritan took only maybe about 10 min to do it and make it look so easy. After changing the tire and each one going in their own paths, destiny put me the chance to repay the Good Samaritan and help another person. I saw this middle aged lady struggling with her bike. I stopped and her chain was off, so I put the chain in place and ride with her for 2 miles until she reunited with her friends. Man! It felt so good to repay the goodwill of others! :)