This Sunday will be the Escape to Miami and my first Olympic Distance Triathlon and second triathlon. The course will consist of a 1.5k (0.9 miles) swim, 40k (24.8 miles) bike ride and a 10k (6.2 miles) run. For more info about the race you can check out the site

I am going to post something that I found interesting about the race:

"Warning: The swim can be a difficult trek because currents and wind can aggravate the calm waters of Biscayne Bay and part of the course does traverse the Intra Coastal Waterway - many triathletes do not make the swim cut-off.  In addition, we must warn you that the bike can also be a challenging ride because of winds that normally come from the east or whip up off of the bay.  The run is also nothing to take for granted, as it also has an incline and limited shade. There is a reason why some triathletes have referred to this as the hardest triathlon they have ever done (some have said it is as hard as a half iron distance race)."

Am I ready?, of course I am (well, at least I think haha)