After my vacations finished I have been very busy trying to get up to date with my training and work.

I have been super busy at work and getting home really late, so unfortunately I don't have the time to follow my scheduled training. So I thought of incorporating weight training since I needed more "muscle" to help me through the training, plus trying to cover up the days that I don't train at night. This is week 4 since I incorporated my weight training and it has been good decision. I feel stronger and badder hahaha. The bad thing is that I had to get used to waking up at 5am or 6am (this is bad since I love to sleep!!!) and do 1 hour of weights and 1 hour of run or swim in the gym. I still feel that I'm missing more of the bike training, so I'm trying to incorporate it more.

Last Saturday's training we did probably the first transition drill. We swam and ran for intervals of 3 times non-stopping. Here's is where probably felt that the weight training worked, since after doing all the drills I felt good and that I could do more. Afterwards we had a nice stretch in the beach :)

Stretching after last Saturday's trainingI know, this just looks ridiculously funny

Since I felt good about myself, I'm feeling positive that I can try my first triathlon next weekend. I'm doing the Mack Cycle Key Biscayne Triathlon Trilogy #3, in the Sprint distance division. Since I have never been in a race, I think is a good idea to get the feeling of the event overall, before it gets me by surprise in the event that I'm truly aiming for. Now the funny part is that I'm actually moving too next weekend, now I wonder how that one will work LOL.