On Father's Day, there was a 5k in my hometown. On Sunday too was my last day in my hometown, so some bye-bye parties had to happen... which of course I couldn't miss.

So on Saturday after having lunch with my dad and uncle I went to a birthday party from my friend Ingrid from high-school. There were lots of food, good friends, beer and a great football match (I mean... soccer... I still don't get why Americans call it Soccer!!!). I have to add that the last time I played "soccer" I twisted my wrist (I'm a goalkeeper, duh), so I was a little afraid to play again after like a year of inactivity. But then again, these were my friends from high-school that I don't see often anymore, and back in the day I was a great goalkeeper... and of course good memories from those times come back.

 With my high school friends after some heavy sweaty football!

I haven't played in a concrete field in a while... like 10 years ago, so doing the goal keeping thing hurt... A LOT. Plus I'm not 18 years old anymore!!! I had to add that I twisted my finger too.

Later that that day I had an invitation to party in a boat. Actually it was not a boat... it was a frickin' PIRATE SHIP... like the ones you see in the movies.

The pirate ship becomes a club at night and sails for 2 hours (12am to 2am), which I have to say, it was  pretty cool. So yup, I stayed until 3am partying and I had to run at 8am, after playing football the whole afternoon (plus a twisted finger haha).

In the Pirate Ship Morgan with friends Katherine and Yuliana. Hometown in the background.

So after like 3 hours of sleep, I was ready for a miserable 5k. The race was something I had to do plus I some friends were gonna run with me, and in a certain way it seems I inspired a couple of them to start running (me inspiring people??? get out!!!). My friend Fausto and I did the 5k in 30min, and actually he was the one cheering me on to continue (mental note: never play football before a race!). My cousin Maria did it in 32min, and my elite super friend Edu did it like in 18 min (he's a real pro!).

With my friend Fausto after the race.My dad, me, pro friend Edu and Fausto after the race.

The rest of the day I was limping and laughing at myself, and had a great time with my dad. I had lots of fun and that's what really counts! Crazy adventures for entertainment purposes!!! LOL