So I successfully have completed my first week of training. It’s been kind of hard to getting used to the new schedule and doing 2 workouts 6 days a week with only one day rest. So yeah, it’s been a thrill ride.

On Saturday we meet with the coach and we went through the cycling part. We talked about proper braking, turning at high speeds and the proper way to mount the bike with the tri-shoes. Although I know how to ride a bike, and when I was younger I used to ride a lot, I have never rode in competitive way, in a road bike, or even worse with tri-shoes.

It was a great learning curve for all of us. One of the guys flew over the skies in the high speed braking drill, while I fell not only once, but TWICE while learning how to mount/dismount of the bike using the tri-shoes. (Yeah… ouch!)

Today, Sunday, I had my first transition practice. I mounted 30min in the bike and then ran 65 min. I think I blew up the engine, because I felt really tired… but obviously it was my first time doing this. The only thing that started bothering me were my knees. After this first week of training my knees are feeling kind of “sore”, I don’t know if maybe I’m putting too much intensity in the workouts. But at the end I feel happy that I have survived my first week of tri training. Just 19 more weeks to go!