These have been irregular weeks for me. First of all I´m overseas in my home country of Ecuador. Since basically I have just started training, I have tried as much as possible to not lose or skip trainings... but it´s been kinda hard.

I feel my swim is my weakest point so I was fortunate enough to find an Olympic pool around the neighborhood. For the run, I´m covering it running to the pool and running back. For the cycling I had just one spinning class. Definetely I have to get my regular training back when I return to the States on Monday.

Diana Quintana´s Pool. I liked the cool mosaic in the back

Since I have lots of friends and family here, I have been trying to divide myself to catch everyone. PLUS the FIFA World Cup has just started, and I´ve been trying to watch as much games as possible (When I get back to Miami, I won´t be able to see the games at work haha) 

On Father´s Day´s Sunday I´m running a 5k race "5k Ciudad Celeste". I´m excited since it´s the first time I´m running a race in my home country and overseas, plus some old friends are running it with me. It will be a very special run :)


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