I have officially started the triathlon training.  The first session involved knowing a little more about the program and swimming drills. We met at the local Olympic pool, and we got separated in two groups: the people that had certain experience swimming and the one who don’t. We started doing some drills and the coach explain the laps system.

The Olympic Size pool is 50m (you know, the one that you see in the Olympics). The coach explain us that if the tells us to do 4x50, that means we are gonna swim 4 laps of 50m each, with a break between each lap. If he says 4x100, that means we’re gonna swim 4 laps of 100m each with the break in between each lap.

For starters, he wanted to see our freestyle technique. I was surprised that our swimming was totally off. The main tip here was to look down and press our chest down, while our butt and legs should come up and keep a parallel straight position. This will help us to be more faster and drag less. Most of us were kickin under water instead of kickin above the surface. We practiced posture positions to correct our free style swimming with 8x100, and yep I almost died haha. After all, I haven’t swam since middle school.

After ending the first workout of the program, I headed to finally get my bike and get the additional gear that I needed (for the bike only). Things I got: tri-shoes, car rack, helmet, first aid bike kit (which includes a spare tube, leveler, CO2 tube, adaptor and the bag to put in the bike), gloves and a tri-short.

The nice people at the shop made my custom fitting, explain me how the tri-shoes system works, how to mount/dismount with the shoes and a better way to pedal.

 Custom fitting. I mounted the bike, the store guy saw how my pedaling was and made the necessary ajustments.

My arms were too straight while holding the bike and needed to be more relaxed, they shortened the tube that conect the bar to the bike.

After being a happy customer with all my new gear (but sad with the huge hole in my wallet- $394 after a discount!), it was time to take my new baby for a ride. The complicated part was to mount the bike with the cleat shoes, since the cleats snap to the bike, is kinda hard to get your balance (luckily I didn’t fall…, ok I almost did). Funny to say that I was trying not to stop, but unfortunately I got a red light. When the green came up I was trying to snap my right foot on the pedal again… while all the cars were honking at me haha. Practice and time will make me a master (hopefully LOL).

Happy camper and ready to roll!