Today was the orientation day for the triathlon program. It was an introduction to the world of triathlon and what to expect from the program.


As the name says "tri" is a multi-sport endurance event that consists in 3 individual sports: swimming, cycling and running. There are different types of distances, which are as follows:

Sprint: Swim 0.47 mi (750 m), Bike 12.4 mi (20 km), Run 3.1 mi (5 km)

Olympic or International: Swim 0.93 mi (1.5 km), Bike 24.8 mi (40 km), Run 6.2 mi (10 km)

Half or Ironman 70.3: Swim 1.2 mi (1.93 km), Bike 56 mi (90 km), Run 13.1 mi (21.09 km)

Full or Ironman: Swim 2.4 mi (3.86 km), Bike 112 mi (180 km), Run 26.2 mi (42.2 km) which is a marathon

Piece of cake right?. The training will cover from Sprint to Half Ironman, since this year Miami will host it's first Ironman 70.3 race. It's interesting to say that the slots for this race are already sold out too, but the trainer that was hosting the orientation have some Willy Wonka's Golden Tickets in order to get to the race. The training will consist of a schedule of what to do during the week, some nutrition guidelines, seminars, gear recommendations, plus we'll have some % Off some shops in order to get the gear we'll eventually need. On Saturdays we'll meet with the coaches and set off to do whatever we'll be doing in that week.

During the meting I asked: "Is it possible for a novice with no experience in triathlons to complete a Half Ironman?", the trainer says "Actually those are the people that I hate the most, hahaha", and then a guy in the orientation says: "That's what I did... like in 12 hours", and more laughs among the people occur.

Now I ask myself..."mmm... should I jump directly to Half Ironman, or follow the distance order (Sprint, Olympic, Half, Full)? If a guy did it, why shouldn't I..."

Remember, people say I'm crazy...

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