Although I knew that the triathlon training would be some sort of giving an eye in money terms, I never thought that having to purchase a bike would be so expensive. After finishing the marathon training I started to make some research about the places and the bikes I could get. For sure I had a big learning curve.

  1. The bike you are getting should be good. Imagine the bikes that Wal-Mart or Target sell, well those are the bad and cheap bikes. You have to get to a specialized bike store in order to get the best advice from the people that actually know what they are selling.
  2. You have to check which frame actually will you fit in. I thought that you just jump on top of it and you were ready to roll. Nope, all bikes have different frames which defer depending on your height. The store specialist will help you with that and they don't charge for this.
  3. You can ask for a "friendly" discounts at some shops. Some of them have a discount card you pay yearly and they give you % off every purchase for a year.
  4. Be prepared, because the bikes don't even come with the pedals! You will have to get pedals, bottle holder (one or two), bottles, road assistance kit to start.
  5. Some shops have paying options. That was the seller point in the shop I got my bike, since they had a flexible lay away plan for 3 months and they ask for 10% down. This is funny 'cause I will be saying "I just made the first down payment of my bicycle".... I mean, it's not a car or a house!
  6. There are 2 different kind of bikes: Road bikes and tri-bikes. Here's a good article about the differences between both.
  7. If you know your frame size and have a buddy that knows about bikes, consider buying a use one. You'll save a lot!. Low end new bikes start from $800s for road bikes, $1000 for tri-bikes and used ones start from $300s.

So which bike I bought? The Specialized Allez.

Notice that doesn't have pedals or water bottle holders!!! WAAHHHH!!Some of you may notice that it isn't a tri-bike. I talked to a lot of people and they suggested me to start with a road bike first and eventually when I get better and increase the distances in the races, I can upgrade to a tri-bike. Plus roads bikes are more CHEAPER!

Now I just have to pick it up, since they people at the shop are putting it together for me. Now I'm just missing the rest of the gear!!! Waaaahhhh I need sponsors!!! :p