This coming weekend will be Miami’s first Ironman “Franchised” race. The athletes will race a course of 70.3 miles through the “Magic City” and it’s wonders. For me this would have been a great race to do, but the race was soldout even before I was planning my Iron journey.  The good thing is since I’m a local and I live close enough to the race site, I signed up to volunteer in the race. So if any of you guys are racing out there, just say hi!, I will be around the bike portion of the course.

Training Update:
Continuing with my training leading up to the Miamiman 70.3. I’m just 3 weeks away from the race, and I’m hitting the bricks of my training.

Bricks refers to the part of the training when you hit 2 workouts one after the other, wherever is swim/bike or bike/run. Basically you hit these bricks in the last part of your training, and they are done to make your body and legs get used to the switch between the bike and the run. It is called bricks because that’s basically how your legs feel in the first part of the run haha.

Three more weeks to go!